Back from the slumber : SS24 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur 2023

Back from the slumber : SS24 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur 2023

*Warming up my fingers to type this out

Back from the long slumber

Assalamualaikum and hello, everyone. It's Qayyum here, the proud owner of KREE, and I believe it's high time for me to express more love for the brand and for my dear shopperters (supporters + shoppers). Hence, this is my first blog post. I did try blogging some time ago, but it was always personal and had nothing to do with my business.

Anyway, as the title suggests, the brand is back from a long slumber. Close friends called it a hiatus, but in reality, it was a very, very challenging time for the company and, of course, for my own wellbeing. Therefore, "slumber" sounds like a better description of the entire journey.

Customer Call Center / Father for KREE / Struggling with diet person :p

In a way, I guess it was challenging because a lot has changed, and we can no longer follow the pattern of our lives pre-Covid. I see a lot of new silhouettes, which took a lot of effort for KREE to adapt to (I'll share more about this in my next blog post).

The intention of this post is to take a pause and reflect on the journey of the company. You will be introduced to what the brand will offer and how we plan to upgrade our products and services. I know many have experienced below-par service from the brand, and I have extended much-needed apologies. We are definitely excited to provide the best to our dear shoppers and admirers from now on. You will understand better as we move forward, but I can't reveal too much right now.

The 9th of June 2023 was a very memorable night, and we were honored to close Day 2 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur 2023. Paired with other amazing designers for the night, I somewhat felt relieved that this collection truly represents what KREE is. For once, the brand did not present any designs specifically made for the evening, and I am personally very, very relieved it turned out that way. I have always enjoyed day-dressing more than night-dressing.

The joy of day dressing. New face Aina Azhari gracing our Rory Shirt Dress

Before the show started, it took quite some time to begin (apologies for the delay, I guess people were fashionably late, and of course, Malaysian :p). I wasn't as anxious as I was before the show, probably because I have a team that is reliable and cool-headed. Hats off to them for making the process much easier (we celebrate when we meet our sales targets, okay Fiza and Hilmi).

Hello Fyza and Hilmi 

The models were amazing. If you have seen our backstage on Instagram and TikTok, you would know that everyone was very patient, and smiles were abundant. I truly appreciate the lineup of models.

 Shot by Photo-Extraordinaire Shila Aiman Yazid

Cool gals doing their thing in Cool Aunty Sunnies and Braun Buffel latest collection 

The collection was opened by our dear Natalie Prabha. If you have been following her, you would know that she has been growing so much as a person, and it reflects greatly in her stage presence. I knew I needed her to open the show. The last time she walked for our SS19 and Raya 19 collections, she always managed to leave a memorable impression on the guests.

The first design is particularly special to me. I haven't named the look yet, but it will be part of the KREE Studio collection. It's a look that requires extra attention to workmanship. I believe that in women's dressing, the right pants play a major role in how they feel and walk. This time, we are bringing back the dress pants bell-bottom style.

Natalie Prabha opening the show with
newly refreshed take on KREE's Gathered-Puff Sleeve

It was different this time. I believe that as a whole, the collection was very relaxed, relatable (I hope so), and built over time. As it is our 10th year in the business, I took a glimpse into our past when the brand primarily offered a variety of skirt options. So, we decided to bring back the maxi skirt in a modern take with midi length, as well as the much-needed slim pencil skirts. Additionally, we took a different approach with fabrications this time (I'll share more on the exciting fabrics we sourced this time)

Ketty in Luna Maxi Skirt in Bias Cut in Pearl White
and No-Named Kimono Top Yet :p

We closed the show with Whulandary Herman, a super kind person with a heart of gold. I can see why she won the Miss Universe Indonesia 2013 title. We have worked together a few times, the first was Zaloraya 2018, her energy is always so humbling, and she brings out the best in people around her. She carries dresses and over-the-top pieces exceptionally well.

For the final look, it was originally planned as a dress. However, I couldn't send down an over-the-top look without pants. So, when I needed an elevated outerwear/overcoat instead of a dress, Hilmi nodded in agreement with my final decision. It was crucial to maintain the brand's identity for ready-to-wear (RTW), made-to-measure next and couture, maybe no. 

Decided on the final ruffle touch, 3 hours before the show, cus it has been awhile
since ruffle were included in our collection <3

I have to give it to the MBFWKL team for the electrifying runway. I love the dimension and the depth of the stage. We caught a lot of amazing runway pictures and thanks to @hellomohdezal for lending your eyes and skills to capture our best moment on runway. 

Adrian Chee, MBFWKL 23 Show Producer. Thanks for always trusting our little brand

A lot has changed and we are renewed this season. Last year we did showcase as well but when i mean slumber, previous years were filled with surviving and not living. The brand, filled with people who cares for it, continues to survive. I hope you will stay put and join us in this journey. 

I'll be writing more and hope you will undertsand the value the brand is trying to bring to the community. 

Till next time 

- Qayyum